Mission Statement
NACVSO's membership will actively promote the rights of veterans and dependents of the United States through a progressive legislative platform. We will work collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other nationally chartered veterans organizations to assure that veterans and their dependents receive the entitlements they deserve for the sacrifices they endured.

Vision Statement
NACVSO will continue to promote and protect the rights of veterans and their dependents through education, communication and technology.

Association History
On September 21, 1989, County Veterans Service Officers from eight states; California, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Indiana, Iowa and Colorado met at the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office at Fort Snelling, MN. These CVSO’s discussed the need to form a National Association and voted for a slate of officers to take the lead in organizing the Association. These Officers then went to work on formalizing the National Association of County Veterans Service Officers and scheduled the inaugural organizational conference for the following June.

The National Association of County Veterans Service Officers is an organization made up of local government employees. Our members are tasked with assisting veterans in developing and processing their claims. Between 75 and 90% of the claims presented to the Veterans Administration each year originate in a county veterans office. Our members sit across from those men and women who wish to file a claim each day. They are our friends and neighbors members of our communities whom we see often daily. We exist to serve veterans and partner with the National Service Organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs to serve veterans. Our Association focuses on outreach, standardized quality training, and claims development and advocacy. We are extension or arm of government, not unlike the VA itself in service to the nation’s veterans and their dependents.

Our workforce represents approximately 2,400 employees from 28 states available to partner with Department of Veterans Affairs to help speed the process of claims development and transition of our military personnel to civilian life.

Outreach and claims processing improvements are essential if we are to fulfill the obligation proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln "...To care for him, who shall have borne the battle and for his widows and orphans...". This is our focus and passion.

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